Tiffin Community YMCA


LIFEGUARD Certification (16 years and older) and YASA (14+ years of age)

Participants must be 16 years of age by the completion of the class to be certified as a Lifeguard, 14 years of age by the completion of the YASA class to be certified as a YMCA Aquatic Safety Assistant (YASA).

YASA is a great way to introduce lifeguarding to those who want to becaome lifeguards at 16 and want to see what responsibilities are required of lifeguarding.

All participants must pass a swim test in order to complete the course.

Certifications received at the end of the course will include: CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen Administration from the American safety and Health Institute, and Lifeguarding or YASA.

Class fees include a book, fanny pack, and CPR mask.

100% class participation is mandatory - no make-up classes wil be held or offered..

Members: $200
Non-Members: $250

For more information, please contact Kristie Drown.

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